Firmware for Antminer L3+/L3++

Firmware Antminer L3+

Firmware for Antminer L3+/L3++

Crazy Mining company released software (firmware) for L3+/ L3++ asics on the Scrypt algorithm, which allows to increase the machines hashrate up to 640 MH/s, with reduction of electricity.

L3+/L3++ firmware by Crazy Mining allows you to overclock L3+/L3++ models in 3 modes:

1) Reduces power consumption up to 600 watts with a standard power of 504 MH / s
2) Overclocking up to 580 MH / s with power consumption of 800 watts
3) Overclocking up to 640 MH / s with power consumption of 1000-1100 watts

After installing the firmware, press: CTRL + F5 to update the firmware or make a reboot by disconnecting L3+ from the power supply.

Version 002:

  • New overclocking options
Firmware Antiminer L3+ v003
Size: 10.9
Version: 003

Main update
Fixed problem with connecting to pools

Firmware Antiminer L3+ v002
Size: 12 MB

Previous version:

Firmware Antminer L3+ v001
Size: 12.1 MB
Version: 001