Firmware for Antminer T9+ – CrMi

Firmware Antminer T9

Firmware for Antminer T9+ – CrMi

Crazy Mining company released software (firmware) for t9+ asics on the Sha256 algorithm, which allows to increase the network’s hashrate, with reduction of electricity.

ASIC Boost firmware by Crazy Mining allows you to overclock T9 + models up to 14.5 th / s with an energy consumption of 1600w.


Possible overclocking:

14.5 th / s – 1600w – Bitmain power supply is suitable.

Firmware Antiminer T9+ v010
Size: 17.2

Main update
Fixed problem with connecting to pools

Firmware Antiminer T9+ v009


1) Stability improvement
2) You can choose between a complete restart of the ASIC and the restart of only the cgminer in Autotune section.
3) Besides automatic system for viruses checking there is now a manual checking and disinfection in the Security section. This also works against the new AntBuild virus
4) Fixed connection to the monitor
5) The new Find Miner function to the config multiplier to search for more miners simultaneously
6) New format of downloading the log file in txt
7) New function “sleep mode” – mining stops and the fans drop to minimal. Available in the config multiplier.
8) No more problem with DevFee error exit

Firmware Antiminer T9+ – v008

For Antminers T9+

1) Overall stability.
2) Changed and improved method of connecting to pools.
3) Added the function that can mass change Ssh port and mass shutdown of Ssh in the config multiplier.
4) Added the function of mass password change in the config multiplier.
5) Optimized firmware size.

Firmware Antminer T9+ — v007

For Antminers T9+

1) Optimize overall stability.
2) The program code is optimized.
3) Fixed installation and connection to the Anthill service.
2) Fixed a problem when antminer could hang during autotune or when a timer is triggered.
3) Fixed a bug that does not allow antminer ( on some batches) connect to the pool.
4) The new virus treatment method has been improved and optimized, which corrupts the recording files and prevents them from being flashed even through Ssh. 5) new sub-section (security- security) added
– on / off ssh server.
– change the server ssh port.
6) Optimization of the firmware file size, which could lead to the error “No space left on device”.

Firmware Antminer T9+ — v006
Size: 23,4 Mb
Version: 006

For Antminers T9+

1) Overall stability.
2) Code optimization.
3) Added find miner function.
4) New DevFee section, now everyone can choose the most suitable server for ping and stability.
5) Added the reproduction function of the selected DevFee server to the config multiplier.
6) Fixed the bug when the miner could freeze during the restart while on auto tune.
7) Added support for btc tools version
8) Corrected time synchronization “ntpd” after detection and treatment of nightswitcher virus.
9) Finalized and improved the launch and restart


Firmware Antminer T9+ — v005
Size: 24,4 Mb
Version: 005

V005 1) overall stability
2) teamwork with Anthil service update
3) teamwork with the MinerStatBox service -> MinerStatsLite update
5) the ability to set the minimum frequency in auto tune (200 mhz)
6) added HW to config multiplier.
7) added the ability to disable the timer (stage 3) in the profiles section
8) fix the definition of temperature
9) automatic detection and treatment of nightswitcher virus

Firmware Antminer T9+ — v004
Size: 19,2 Mb
Version: 004