Firmware for Antminer S17+/ T17+ – CrMi

Dear owners of Antminer S17+ and T17 +, the Crazy mining firmware development team is happy to present you the official release of the best firmware on Antminer S17+/T17+ version 2.0.0.

Why should I install our firmware?
Answer : Everything is very simple, now your ASIC will forget about constant restarts, heating and risks of breakdowns thanks to additional protection functions, a flexible system for changing the operating mode when the temperature changes and warning of critical States of your miner, as well as significantly increase the power of your ASIC, which together will give you the maximum profit from mining, as well as increase the life of your ASIC !

Overclocking Antminer S17+ / T17+
🔥 Performance ~+30%
🧬 The possibility of downvolt ~-15-25%
⚡️ Antminer S17+ up to 95Th/s (Consumption ~4100w)
⚡️ Antminer T17+ up to 80 Th/s (Consumption ~ 3900W)

🎯 All firmware comes with Dev Fee 2.8%.

Firmware results for S17+

Step-by-step instructions for installing firmware for S17+/T17+

1. Install the firmware for S17+/T17+ by SD card (card Size up to 32GB).

SD recovery

SDrecovery for T17,T17+,S17+,S17,S17pro
Size: 54.4
Version: v1

2. Then install the firmware via the web interface in the standard way.

Firmware Antminer S17+ 2.0.1 CRMI
Size: 12.8
Version: v2.0.1
Firmware Antminer T17+ 2.0.1 CRMI
Size: 12.8
Version: v2.0.1

Our improvements in version 2.0.1:
1) Updated, stabilized and increased the speed of the auto-tune
2) there is a function That does not pay attention to the minimum voltage of the profile.
3) Fix the confusing data entry in the autocommerce profile.
4) Changed the name of fan rpm check to “immersion mode” and moved it to the settings category.

Firmware Antminer S17+ 2.0.0 CRMI
Size: 22.5
Version: v2.0.0
Firmware Antminer T17+ 2.0.0 CRMI
Size: 22.6
Version: v2.0.0

Our improvements in version 2.0.0:
1.Improved stable operation of the firmware.
2.Improved the visibility of the chips.
3.Improved time display in accordance with the time zone.
4.Improved admin panel appearance.
5.Present new configurations: S17 – 55th – 63th. S17+ – 55th- 88th. T17 – 40th. T17+ – 40th- 68th.
6.Ability to automatically fix red domains.
7.Greater coverage of the voltage search range during auto-tune.
8.There is the possibility of improving the full customization of hand towton.
9.When the miner is configured, the speed of the coolers switches smoothly, without sudden jumps.
10.Additional chip protection that increases the service life of the miner.
11.If the temperature sensor goes missing, ASIC will go into emergency mode.
12.there is no Erroneous data from the temperature sensor.
13.Improved information about the status of ASIC, became easier to understand.
14.Now ASIC logs are saved to the history, even if ASIC restarts.
15.And finally, now your ASIC will forget about constant restarts, heating thanks to additional protection functions and warnings of critical States of your miner, which together will give you the maximum profit from mining !

Firmware Antminer T17+ 1.1.0 CRMI
Size: 26,8 Mb
Version: 1.1.0
Firmware Antminer S17+ 1.1.0 CRMI
Size: 26,7 Mb
Version: 1.1.0

Version 1.1.0 from the best development team:

1) Overall stability, refactoring code for ease of adding support for other models, and improving the main driver.
4) a new method of accounting for temperature sensors has been Created.
5) Automatic change to a reduced configuration when the miner overheats.
6) Switching to a safe profile when ASIC overheats.
7) created a trigger for the maximum number of reloads of the miner in the situation of loss of the Board.
8) Updated the algorithm for controlling the speed of coolers (smooth transition from manual to automatic mode without dips).
9) Fixed the error of installing voltage in manual mode.
10) updated the minimum hashrate check (it worked when the value 0 in the config is disabled).
11) there Is a display of information on all successfully ottyunenym profiles.
12) there Is protection of the miner from hacking the hashrate by viruses.
13) the start Function at low temperatures is enabled only when silent mode is enabled.
14) a trigger has been Created that has the ability to disable the preheating option for chips.
15) fixed an error when the cooler is running in 100 percent mode when firmware is being updated.

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