Firmware for Antminer T19 – CrMi

CrMi firmware

Firmware for Antminer T19 – CrMi

Latest firmware for Antminer T19

Antminer T19 is positioned as a budget miner – it is somewhat cheaper and, at the same time, somewhat less effective than the basic S19, and the decrease in productivity is strictly proportional to lower prices. And the main limiting factor T19 is its stock firmware. It limits the ASIC hashrate 84 th / s level.

But what modes are becoming available when using CRMI custom firmware:

  • T19 — 85 TH/s — 2700 watt (31 watt -TH/s)
  • T19 — 105 TH/s — 3700 watt (35 watt — TH/s)
  • T19 — 120 TH/s — 4500 watt (37 watt — TH/s)
  • T19 — 128 TH/s — 5100 watt (40 watt — TH/s)

That is, the “budget” ASIC suddenly becomes quite competitive even on the background of premium. Bitmain blocked the possibility of installing custom firmware to its offs, but there is a convenient workaround – using a boot SD card.

The image of the firmware can be downloaded to the card, which you can download from our site. After that, the map is placed in the cardreader of ASIC and after switching on it will be loaded from the card, “forgetting” about the factory firmware. To return to the stock operation mode, you just need to turn off ASIC, pull out the card and turn on the device again.

Important! Use only SD cards with a memory capacity of no more than 16 gigabytes and FAT32 file system. Other cards Antminer T19 simply will not see.

Firmware Antminer T19 1.1.7 CRMI
Size: 16 MB
Version: 1.1.7