Zpool – the miners multipool

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Zpool – the miners multipool

ZPOOL multipool is positioned as a platform for mining a large number of algorithms and cryptocurrencies on ASIC video cards and / or CPU processors. The service offers low commissions, automatic conversion of mining to Bitcoin, fork BCH or altcoins: LTC, DASH.

Miners can choose payments in mining coins, set up automatic enumeration of the most profitable algorithms, simultaneous CPU + GPU mining. The ZPOOL service can independently mine coins from the entire list available in the type of mining specified by the client.

The main page of the site https://zpool.ca/ provides current information about the operation of the cloud pool. At the time of writing this review, ZPOOL supports 79 algorithms by which 186 types of altcoins are mined with a hash rate of 3 PH / s, provided by video cards of 9547 users.

In the upper left corner of the site there are links for downloading ZPOOL applications from the Google Play AppStore, links to social networks and a technical support channel in Discord. It is available only in English, the only language option for all applications and the site.

Pool history

ZPOOL multipool has been operating since 2015. Despite its long history, the developers of the platform managed to maintain anonymity and avoid publicity.

Judging by the reviews on the Internet, over the past years, the cloud pool has had no problems with the withdrawal of cryptocurrency. The service’s software functioned smoothly, as did the processing of the ball on the company’s servers.

Features of the ZPOOL multipool

Converting mined coins to Bitcoin, LTC, BCH, DASH, DGB and KMD

Low commission compared to competitors, the pool also pays for the withdrawal of BTC

Work without registering an account

Low threshold for payments that are made every 4 hours from 0.05 BTC or daily from 0.0015 BTC

Possibility of automatic multi-mining of all coins on the selected algorithm

How to mine with ZPOOL

The ZPOOL platform works without registration, so at the first stage of mining, the user must decide on the cryptocurrency mining algorithm. The list of supported views is located on the “Algos” tab, the pinned menu bar at the top of the site.

Selecting a specific algorithm by clicking on the cell with the name will show important statistics:

1. Profit (in mBTC per hash unit)

2. List of mined coins

3. The current hash rate of the pool according to the selected algorithm

It is worth paying special attention to the information at the very bottom of this page. Below the graphic image of the blocks that allow you to determine the most popular mined coin in this pool, statistics are given on the types of miner used.

The largest number of users will tell you what type of software is suitable for mining coins. Choosing the wrong application can lead to significant loss of profits. The miner can be safely downloaded from the GitHub site.

The user receives the settings for the rig after successive selection:

1. A server close to the geographic location of the farm

2. Coins for payment of remuneration

According to the rules of the service, BTC and other main coins have the highest priority for payments. However, the user can choose a specific altcoin from the list of mined digital currencies, agreeing with the risks of a possible termination of receipts:

 In case of loss of hash rate in this direction

The pool’s refusal to support the mining of this coin

The client also runs the risk of not receiving the mined balance if he has not reached the daily withdrawal limits.

Having decided on the type of payment, the user must enter the wallet address in the “Payout address” field. Below this line, data on the server and port stratums will appear for entering them into the rig settings.

Mining statistics are displayed on the “Wallet” tab, where you need to drive the selected wallet for calculating the reward.

At the top of the statistical report, the following is displayed:

1. Share and types of mined coins

2. The share of the mined balance before payment

3. Types of cryptocurrencies mined in the last 50 blocks

As you can see from the picture above, the coin report is in the “Pending” mode, and on the right side there are blocks with the BTC icon. This means that the ZPOOL service leased the client’s hashrate, which is paid for with Bitcoin.

The rental market is located on the “HashTap” tab and has rates higher than the profit from direct mining of coins according to the algorithm selected by the user. Once the lease is over, the rig will return to mining cryptocurrency. At the bottom of the statistics report, information on payments, hash and miner performance is displayed.


Service Zpool.ca differs from competitors with a long history of work, low commissions of 1.25%. The pool automatically selects coins profitable for mining in a given algorithm and maximizes the client’s income by renting the hashrate.

The pool software supports automatic iteration of several algorithms, tracking statistics in mobile applications. Zpool.ca displays earnings every 4 hours or daily with a minimum income, but the first payment is frozen for 24 hours.