Instructions for firmware Antminer S9

HOW TO overclock Antminer S9 to 17.5-18TH

  1. Which asics can be overclocked?
  2. What is the maximum overclock hashrate?
  3. Which pools are suitable for overclocking?
  4. Manual: how to overclock you asic
  1. Asic models that can be overclock:
    -All models of S9 can be overclocked: S9 13T, 13.5T, 14T, 14.5T, S9I, S9J
  2. The maximum overclock hashrate and power consumption:
    -According to the operating conditions the asics can be overclocked to 18Th, but we
    recommend to overclock to 16-16,5 TH, with power consumption 1600W. Here below you
    can see the table with hashrate, profit and power consumption.
    (Calculations were made based on the cost of electricity 0.05USD, and the cost of bitcoin are revelant on 10/17/2018)
HashratePower consumptionsElectricity
Pure profitComments
13.5 TH1210 watt1,85 $0,98 $Standard BITMAIN
15 TH1330 watt1,85 $1,29 $
15.5 TH1380 watt1,91 $1,33 $
16 TH1465 watt1,98 $1,37 $Recomend
16.5 TH1590 watt2,12 $1,34 $Recomend
17 TH1695 watt2,31 $1,25 $PSU 2200w
17.5 TH1745 watt2,37 $1,29 $PSU 2400w
18 TH1810 watt2,57 $1,20 $PSU 2500w

3. Which pools are suitable for overclocking

Today our firmware supports all pools with Asicboost:

Antpool: stratum+tcp://

F2pool: stratum+tcp://

SLUSHPOOL : stratum+tcp://

BTC.COM : stratum+tcp://


4. Installing firmware and overclocking

4.1 To start you need to go to the mines’s admin panel, and then go to thepoints ”SYSTEM”—“UPGR DE”

4.2 Remove the checkmart from “Keep Settings”, click “Select file”

4.3 Select firmware file

4.4 Press «Flash Image» and wait 120 seconds

4.5 After downloading the firmware, when loading the admin panel, an error 404 can be appear, then leave only the device’s IP, delete everything else and click refresh the page (CTRL F5), example:, part CGI-bin / miner must be deleted, and the numbers leave and press Enter

4.6 After the miner is loaded, go to the “MINER CONFIGURATION” and click “SAVE” to apply the new firmware settings.

4.7 Further in the column “MINER CONFIGURATION” – “MINER PROFILES” you can adjust the
level of acceleration of ASIC, as well as apply other settings (optional) In the “PRESET” line,
it is necessary to select the level of overclocking , just select the “ASICBOOST” – ON
option to apply low-level power consumption. Click “SAVE” to apply the settings.

4.8 The provider blocks devfee and asic constantly reboots.New DevFee section, now everyone can choose the most suitable server for ping and stability.

After applying the settings, the asic needs
1.5 hours to automatically adjust the optimal
operation of the chips, during this period, the
asic will periodically reboot – this is normal!


On several machines, this process lasted for quite a long time – Solution:

1. Disable ASIC for a few minutes from the power and re-enable it (in 90% of cases this is

2. lowering the selected frequency.

3. Motherboards fell off during mining, you need to turn off the power supply for 5-7 minutes, then
turn it on again for stable operation of the firmware.

Attention! Instructions for restoring firmware by MICRO SD for Antminer S9, S9i, S9j.

1.If you have installed the latest firmware version from Bitmain with signature or with closed SSH.

2. Machine is infected with a virus that close Ssh and changed  password.

3. If the control board is not responding or other cases.


  • Download the image: . This is an image for any flash drive in size from 256 megabytes to 32 gigabytes. It is deployed to a USB flash drive with any tool, such as Win32 Disk Imager or Rufus
  • Initially, on the control board jumpers are like this.
  • We put them here in this position.
  • Turn on the control and wait 60 seconds before the blinking of the LEDs. The main thing – wait for the constant periodic blinking of the LEDs. Because once they blink in 20 seconds. Exactly in 60 – they will blink constantly. This image restores the firmware from any state.
    After  procedure  turn off the control board, return  jumper, remove  sd card.
  • Install custom firmware as standard by web interface from our website.

Firmware Support Telegram:

Attention: We recommend to overclock ASICs

by no more than 17 TH, all overclocking is higher, it requires replacement with a more powerful
unit (2000-2500Wat) and more powerful cooling

Manual for firmware Antminer S9 firmware CrMi. Suitable not only for CrMi firmware but also for others. Before starting the update, update your browser’s cache.

Overclock manual Antminer S9
Size: 1.5 MB