Firmware for Antminer S17 / T17 – CrMi

The company is Mining Crazy has developed firmware for ASIC Antminer S17/T17 pro and Antminer. You can already download and install it, make your miner even more powerful !!

We are glad to present you our finished firmware for Antminer S17/S17pro and T17, the results of which are impressive !

Antminer S17 / T17 Overclocking
performance ~+30%
🧬 The possibility of downvolt ~-15-25%
This Antminer S17(normal) to 70-80Th/s (~3100-3760w)
Ant antminer T17 up to 55 th / s (consumption ~ 3000W)

All firmware comes with Dev Fee 2.8%.

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Below is the photo !

Install the firmware :

1.Unlock SSH (as for S17 so and for T17) (regulation on unlocking in file readme.txt archive) download Link below :

Unlock SSH
Version: v1

2.Install firmware S17 and T17 in the standard way. Download link below:


Size: 29.3
Version: v1.0.0


Size: 29.3
Version: v1.0.0

Official release of the best firmware version 1.0.0 for Antminer s17 & T17

  1. Improved firmware performance 
  2. Improving profile categories for S17/T17
  3. Improved support for nicehash (extranonce subscribe)
  4. There is a function to disable / enable checking the voltage setting (cold start)
  5. There is a function to disable / enable domain unbalance checking
  6. There is a trigger for Automatic compliance with the chip temperature (an innovative way to configure coolers, reduced speed)
  7. The “silent” miner start function has been created
  8. Automatic transition of the miner to the warm-up stage at the beginning of operation at low room temperatures
  9. Created a record of non-working chips during auto-tune operation.
  10. Improved and reduced the start time of the miner.
  11. There is a function for saving chips/auto tune results for future manual pre-tuning
  12. There is a check for all types of viruses that are known today.
  13. All customization options have been added to the multiplier config section.
  14. Enabled time zone tasks.
  15. The calculated power consumption by the miner has been created.
  16. The status of the miner (its API) is available at the start after 15 seconds.
    17.  There is a function for setting the critical temperature of the chips to automatically turn off the hash table.


Size: 28.7
Version: v0.9.9beta2


Size: 30
Version: v0.9.9beta2

Catch Release: 0.9.9_beta2 for antminer s17 & t17

1) The autotune work has been finalized and fully adjusted.
2) Completely rewritten algorithm for adjusting the voltage of the chips.
3) Improved method for controlling unbalanced domains.
4) Adjusted and fully customized profiles.
5) Added compatibility with BTC Tools version 1.2.6.
6) Fixed config multiplier with batch propagating workers.
7) Added pool support for
8) Added pool support for
9) Checked and fixed stability of the pool


Firmware Antminer S17/S17pro 0.9.6 – CRMI
Size: 30.1
Version: v0.9.6

T17, Attention! firmware on T17 works in test mode, in order to avoid breakdowns it is recommended to do overclocking to 45th !

Firmware Antminer T17 0.9.6 – CRMI
Size: 30.1
Version: v0.9.6

So, what do you get with our firmware :

  1. Air-cooled overclocking capability up to 80 TH/s for S17 and 55 TH/s for T17

2.Possibility of acceleration on immersion cooling up to 100 TH / s and up to 65 TH / s for T17

3.Current information of each chip (green, orange, red)

4.Overclocking ranges (choose the overclocking option you want)
5.Options for downvolt (reduction of power consumption)

6.Individual overclocking each Board separately (overclocking and voltage)Individual overclocking of each chip ( thanks to this, you can achieve maximum ASIC speed and stable operation)

7.AUTO TUNING (automatic frequency selection + evaluation of chips in automatic mode, increasing the life of the miner)

8.Reducing the number of HW errors than in Bitmain firmwareFunction of switching off of fans at immersion cooling

9.Function create workers + install firmware + transfer config to an unlimited number of miners in the same network at the same time

10.The ASIC BOOST function is installed (reduction of power consumption on average up to 15-25% due to the optimal operation of the ASIC at its current hashrate level)

11.Function of automatic check and destruction of ASIC on viruses and malware ( these cases happen at purchase of the B. U. of the equipment, up to replacement of the control Board of falling of ASIC)

12.Output function of electricity consumption (wattmeter)

13.ASIC search function (blinking Led lights)

14.Mass password change, SSH port and SSH port disconnect function

15.The “sleep mode” function when it is turned on, mining stops and the fans fall to the minimum speed.

16.The ability to disable electricity consumption when resetting the Internet or pool addresses ( on the firmware Bitmain miner continues to consume electricity)

17.Redesigned algorithm of fans (quiet start, maintaining the temperature on the chips, increasing the life of fans)

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So same in contacts telegrams on nicknames : @trojanko, @onizak