Investing in Solanium or how to earn “x” on Solana

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Investing in Solanium or how to earn “x” on Solana

Solanium is a project of a diversified decentralized exchange that is under active development. The platform developers first of all launched the IDO service and the associated staking, which is a unique solution for the platform ecosystem. Right now and in the future, such a bundle acts as a constant growth driver for the Solanium service cryptocurrency.

ICO decentralization and the benefits of Solanium Launchpad

IDO is the second derivative of ICO, the process of attracting investments, by issuing tokens. Such crowdsales received a negative assessment from international regulators and a ban on advertising on social networks.

In 2019, startups postponed the initial release of tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges, which created special Launchpad platforms to raise funding through the sale of cryptocurrencies. This process is called “IEO” (initial exchange offering – initial exchange offer).

With the active development of decentralized exchanges (DEX) in 2020, new ICOs began to be held on these sites. DEX platforms do not require any special listing procedures; anyone can list their tokens. This  used by attackers issuing fake tokens, consonant in name with popular projects.

In response, the developers began to launch IDOs – decentralized token placements with a preliminary selection of investors who are guaranteed to receive real tokens through the DEX exchange.

The problem is that in this process investors are not protected from scam. Like during the ICO of 2017, there are many clones of successful ideas issuing tokens to collect & nbsp; investment, not necessarily for the purpose of actually launching the product.

Solanium developers independently select the most interesting and promising IDOs, get to know the founders, and offer to distribute tokens through the Launchpad platform. So developers have almost 100% opportunity to collect the required amount of investment. For their part, investors will receive a token at a fixed, low price before the release of this cryptocurrency on most exchanges.

Five reasons to invest in IDO tokens on the Solana blockchain

The Solanium team chose the Solana (SOL) blockchain as the most likely competitor for Ethereum to develop a smart contract.

At the time of writing, this network has raised $11.63 billion locked in various DeFi projects (TVL). According to this indicator, Solana caught up with Binance Smart Chain, where $13 billion TVL is placed. 

As you can see from the graph below, the steep rise of the curve clearly shows that the ecosystem is experiencing a boom in investment.

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The growth potential of the SOL cryptocurrency is also of key importance for the DeFi tokens issued on the Solana blockchain. The coin started the year at $1.5 and reached $212. If the Solana blockchain overtakes Binance Smart Chain in terms of TVL investment, the SOL altcoin can eventually reach the bar above $500.

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Investor interest in this blockchain is based on the technical advantage of consensus, which opens up opportunities for developers and users:

  • Comparable to VISA transaction speed
  • Low gas fees, wider code benefits not available with smart contracts on Ethereum
  • Deflationary mechanism burning SOL cryptocurrency that increases its value
  • Whitelisting tokens on the blockchain
  • Built-in decentralized KYC mechanism

Wallets for working with the Solanium project

Solan’s blockchain is a stand-alone network, unlike Binance Smart Chain and many other Ethereum-compatible projects. Consensus features do not allow you to work with Solan’s smart contracts by connecting MetaMask or other popular wallets.

SOL coin and Solanium tokens, as well as all cryptocurrencies of IDO projects are supported by:

  • Sollet
  • Math Wallet (powered by Solana, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain)
  • Phantom
  • Popular hardware wallets: Ledger, Wookong Bio

Other wallet options can be found on the official website Solana, in the “Ecosystem” section, by clicking the “Wallet” option.

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Solanium Tier system for participation in promising IDOs

Cooperation with Solanium gives investors access to the primary purchase of tokens before they are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, which gives the prospects for “X” –  multiple earnings on investments. The platform has held the largest number of IDO crowdsales, whose tokens are now growing from 180% to 230%.

Solanium developers use their own reputation for selecting quality projects for primary investors to attract staking investments. The investor must purchase a Tier lottery ticket, which determines the number of IDO tokens in any new project.

Lottery tickets have five levels, only two of which give guaranteed participation in all projects. In other cases, the amount of cryptocurrency available for redemption can vary greatly depending on a number of conditions. The investor will need to complete additional tasks, such as posting on social networks, subscribing to a community, bringing a friend, etc.

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Each ticket has its own denomination in the native Solanium cryptocurrency – SLIM, which is “frozen” in the DeFi protocol for a period of a year. After this period, the investor receives back his contribution plus about 100% additional earnings.

The real income of the investor can be much higher, given the constant growth of the cryptocurrency market and the features of the Solanium DeFi model. The investment contribution can be fully compensated by earnings on IDO projects.

Purchasing Tier is available through the “Stake SLIM” option located at the top of the main page of the site Solanium. 

Before staking, the user must connect a wallet, which can be selected on the official website  Solana, in the Ecosystem. The required number of SLIM tokens can be bought on exchanges, the names and links to which are located under the staking button.

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The Serum DEX exchange is a decentralized exchange that does not require opening a personal account, replenishment and withdrawal of a deposit. All transactions will go through the Solana wallet, subject to the presence of SOL or other tokens on the balance.

MXEC and are suitable for investors who have just opened a wallet. These centralized platforms in the form of market orders familiar to many will allow you to purchase SLIM for fiat or any other cryptocurrencies. The purchased tokens will need to be withdrawn to the address of the previously opened wallet.

How much exactly to buy SLIM depends on the choice of Tier-card denomination by investors. The required minimum investment is 100 SLIM, approximately equal to $500. A month ago, this amount was equivalent to $70.

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The “Stake SLIM” option takes the investor to the Tier section, where he must select a ticket that entitles him to a certain number of lottery tickets. At the first level, the investor will receive only 1 ticket, the second will give 12 tickets, the third – one hundred, the fourth and fifth guarantee the investor participation in any IDO

Tickets are assigned to the account automatically, depending on the amount of staking, which the investor chooses independently, receiving xSLIM tokens (one to one) in exchange for SLIM, after clicking the “Stake” option

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After staking, additional options appear at the bottom of the window. The user can:

  • Increase the deposit freeze time (365 days by default), which will increase the profitability of the deposit rate (Extend lock)
  • Increase the staking balance to switch to a different denomination of the Tier card (increase stake)

The “Withdraw stake” button will not be active during the entire term of the “freeze” deposit.

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How to participate in IDO crowdsales on the Solanium platform

The investor can see the list of current IDOs on the main page of the site in the “Pools” section, where cards with the name of the startup and the number of participants are displayed. 

On the one hand, a high number of investors increases the likelihood of a token price pump at the time of listing on the exchange, on the other hand, the lottery system reduces the chances of participants with tickets (Tiers) of the first, second and third levels.

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In the first place of the Pools section are the expiring IDOs:

  • Until sale ends, these projects are no longer available
  • Until whitelist starts

Solanium developers require investors to pass KYC verification before buying IDO tokens. Only after this procedure, the participant gets into the whitelist. 

Verification takes place at the second stage of IDO, right on the site in online mode, which is a procedure for comparing the participant’s image with the photo on the documents in his hands.

At the first stage, the future investor needs to get acquainted with the project data and subscribe to the whitelist. By clicking on the “More info” card option, the user  will see  brief information about the project and a step-by-step table of IDO stages.

Below on the page there is more detailed information and a link to the startup website, where the investor must subscribe, leaving his e-mail address and wallet address. After completing the registration, the registration icon will appear in the field of the first stage

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The number of participant’s lottery tickets, which determine the amount in USD that he can spend on IDO tokens, is adjusted upwards at the verification stage. At this point, the investor can expand their buying opportunities by completing various Solanium tasks – subscribing to communities, giving out invites, etc.

The specific allocation amount will appear at the Lottery stage. The investor will need to fund the wallet deposit up to the offered lottery level in IDO currency, usually USDC. This stablecoin can be purchased on the FTX or Serum exchanges by following the instructions on the official Solana website.

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The procedure for purchasing IDO tokens will begin at the Sale stage. A window with an exchange will appear in the startup card, where you need to click “MAX” in the USDC line in order to use the entire “lottery” limit and the Buy button. 

The price of the token and the total amount of the purchase will be indicated below.

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The cryptocurrency will be credited to the wallet later, at the distribution stage. Further, the investor will have two ways:

  • Dump the token at the time of the first listing on the exchange, the date can be found in the card on the Solanium website or from startup announcements
  • Hold the token for a long time

Results of the first Solanium IDO crowdsales

In the “Pool closed” section of the pool archive, information on the prices of completed IDO tokens is stored. The first Solanium crowdsale was the financial startup Port Finance, whose PORT token was sold at $0.4. Cryptocurrency is currently being sold on exchanges for $9.12.

  •  Investors earned 23 x profits on IDO Port Finance
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  • Cooper Finance brought “19 X’s”
  • Cyclos brought “15x”
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Now the site is hosting 7 crowdsales at once, carefully selected by the Solanium team. Judging by the first three results, DEX exchange analysts are trying not to disappoint investors, because the size of the staking pool depends on the quality of their work.

Future IDOs must justify a minimum threshold investment of $500. The growth of the exchange rate increases this amount, cutting off small investors who are not ready to “freeze” such funds. In this case, the user can try to participate without a Tier by simply completing tasks. There will be very few lottery tickets, but Solanium is often given the chance to invest a few dollars in projects.

Solanium Roadmap

At the moment, the development team Solanium has completed all the points of the roadmap, without violating the deadlines for the development of the IDO platform. 

Judging by the site, where there are inactive trading and investment options, the developers plan to develop the direction of the DEX exchange, and also share liquidity with other sites.

The platform helps startups with fundraising, so new partnerships with other DeFi systems are inevitable. Together with them, the topic of investing in the form of a landing or farming will appear. 

The partnership will help address the forced freeze by allowing xSLM to be used as collateral or investment in other financial protocols.  Similar schemes are already operating in the Ethereum ecosystem, providing additional income for stakers.